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            1. Watch Repair

              From high-grade Swiss Mechanical to Modern Quartz we ensure all servicing meets our highest standards. Established in 1979, we repaired over half-million time pieces at our premises. We are certified by Swatch Group and a member of the American Watchmakers Institute.

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              Clock Repair

              We repair all types of clocks ranging from Mantle/Wall Clocks to Grandfather Clocks. We are one of the Authorized Service Centers for Howard Miller. Specialty includes old rare antique clocks, Atmos Clocks, and Herschede Grandfather Clocks.

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              Jewelry Repair

              Jewelry Repair

              We repair Jewelry from simple soldering to complete re-design. We work with both Diamond and Colored stone items housed in either Silver, Platinum, and Gold.

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              Vintage Watch

              Some of us have a Vintage Watch that has been passed down from generations to generations. As they are treasured time pieces, we specialize in restoring them back to factory fit and finish.

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              Quality Service

              We take great pride in providing quality service to our clients. We use genuine parts when available and state of the art equipment to calibrate and clean your timepiece.

              Heirloom Care

              We know how valuable your timepieces are to you. Our craftsmen take great care in servicing your timepiece. In some cases, when parts are not available, we manufacture our own to get the timepiece running.


              We are certified by Swatch Group U.S. ?and are members of the American Watchmakers Institute.